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Dressing of ores and non-metallic materials

For ore dressing, we offer module preparation complexes with capacity of 20 to 400 t/h >>>>>>>


Over the years of our work at the Design and Engineering Institute "GIPROMASHUGLEOBOGASHENIE" and over the following decade of GRAVICON SPE operation, we have developed and implemented equipment for dressing of the widest range of ores and non-metallic materials, for which the dressing by hydraulic jigging is considered optimal, these are

- manganese ores >>>>>>>;

- tin ores (cassiterite);

- lead ores;

- tantalum-niobium ores >>>>>>>;

- chrome ores;

- iron ores >>>>>>>;

- polymetallic ores (separation of collective concentrate);

- gold ores;

- titanium ores >>>>>>>;

- diamonds >>>>>>>;

- barites;

- vermiculite (hydrated mica group);

- garnet sands >>>>>>>


The standard dimension range of GRAVICOM type Jigging Machines, developed by our Company, have modifications designed for dressing specifically crude ores according to the design of compartments, vortex-finders and pneumatic actuator.


When dressing crude ore, the following equipment is applied:

- classic water-pulsating Jigging Machines >>>>>>>;


- machines with movable sieve >>>>>>>


- and false-bed Jigging Machines.


The last-named have well proved themselves in dressing of small sizes ("minus" 1…2 mm) and such hard-to-dress raw materials as vermiculite.


"Turnkey" complex solutions are used as well.