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Development of a model range of jigging machines of the MO series

Capacity from 30 to 500 ton per hour


Development of jigging machine for kimberlite ore. Recovery factor increased from 75% to 99%.


Development of jigging machine for a coarse sludge with size 0,5..2 mm. 

This size range is not covered by other types of processing equipment or does not provide the required effectiveness.


Development and implementation of jigging machine with movable sieve for benecifiation of manganese ore. Recovery rate increased by 30%.


Gravicon- employees designed and implemented a modular complex for diamond concentration in the area of Banankaro, Republic of Guinea. Installation and start of commercial operation in the humid tropical climate of the Guinean jungle took two months. The project turned out to be successful and diamonds were obtained from the very first weeks of operation of the processing complex. Manual control cleaning of the tailings showed that the extraction of useful material into concentrate was 99%.


The first in Kazakhstan modular complex for enrichment of slags of ferroalloy production in Aktobe was introduced. The equipment has been installed in the central processing plant of the metallurgical plant. The initial goal was to clean crushed stone from chromium impurities so that it could be used in road construction, which was actively carried out throughout the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The isolation of pure ferrochromium in the first section of the jigging machine and the crude concentrate in the second completely unfolded the vector of this direction and served as an impetus for the emergence of a whole series of similar solutions both in Aktobe and Aksu. Taking into account the price of ferrochrome for that period in the range of $3000..5000 per ton and the amount of concentrate extracted per month in the amount of 1000..1500 tons, the payback of the project was not even months, but weeks


Eight modular complexes have been introduced on the territory of the Luhansk and Donetsk regions for the concentration of both waste heaps and mine ordinary coal (Rovenki, Stakhanov, Sverdlovsk, Snezhnoye, Torez, Yuryevka, Krasny Partizan, etc.).


A modern control system for flotation machines of the MFC type has been developed. The system includes flotation machine control subsystems and a reagent dosing subsystem, including the mechanical part of filtration, preparation and mixing of reagents, as well as pulp level sensors, abrasion-resistant flowmeters, a pulp density measurement module, etc.


A non-elevator jigging machine of new type was introduced as part of the modular complex for the enrichment of coking coals. This decision made it possible to abandon expensive and difficult-to-operate elevators and implement a closed water-slurry scheme with a 5-7-fold decrease in the required volume of recycled water tanks.The solution turned out to be very successful and found application in the enrichment complexes introduced both in Kazakhstan and in Ukraine.


A pilot-industrial sample of an air jigging machine with a movable sieve has been developed and manufactured.


A jigging machine with a moving sieve and an electronic drive GRAVIPOD-EVO has been developed - a unique solution with increased productivity per square meter. meters of the working area of the sieve with a sharp decrease in the consumption of electricity and recycled water. Water requirements are minimal. So for a complex of 50 tons per hour, a tank with a turnover volume of 200-300m3 is enough.


The Gravicon company moves to Poland. The main office of the company GRAVICON-EU and production are now located here.