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Why “Gravicon”

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Employees of company “GRAVICON” for more than thirty yearsare the Heads and leading experts of collectives dealing previously and performing now designing of jigging machines OM, MO, OMШ, ОМА 10 А, ОМПР, “ GRAVICON” , module washing complexes, adhesive separators, and other preparation equipment. Our experts are also authors of patents and inventions put into heart of design of the above-mentioned preparation equipment.
We have great experience in preparation by gravitational method a variety natural resources in different regions of the world :
- Ukraine :
- coal;
- manganese ores;
- dumps of ferromanganese productions;
- coal terricones ;
- Russia :
- coal;
- vermiculite;
- diamonds;
- gold;
- Kazakhstan :
- coal
- iron ores;
- manganese ores;
- chrome ores;
- dumps of ferromanganese productions ;
- barites;
- Turkmenistan :
- Celestine ores;
- China:
- coal;
- Guinea:
- diamonds;
such experience allows to us to provide for the customers the best, time-proved decisions, giving to our clients the following advantages :
- maximum effective processing flow sheet;
- maximum detailed information about profitability of project at the stage of making decision;
- minimum possible investments at the stage of implementation;
- maximum profit due to minimum of possible prime cost of preparation ;
- the best quality of preparation;
- maximum capacity of available jigging machines in case of their modernization ;
- reduction ofdowntimes, reliable uninterrupted operation of the equipment ;
- the best price due to low internal costs of our company and manufacture of the supplied equipment at the highly technological enterprises;
- high quality of supplied equipment and completing items;
- supervising installation , adjustment and starting-up of the equipment with achieving coordinated results of preparation :
- training of personnel ;
- guarantee and post-guarantee service;
- rendering free-of-charge consultations on adjustment, repair and modernization ofthe preparation equipment.
If you have any problems on preparation of natural recourses , or processing of dumps and technogenic deposits - address to us. We guarantee for you professional approach, process flow sheets and equipment which will by 100% comply with namely your conditions and ensure success of your enterprise.
Collective of Scientific – Production Company “Gravicon”